If you are here, you probably know us but just in case here is a little bit about us.

Daniel Lombardo and Andreina De Abreu, both from Caracas, Venezuela with European background. Daniel is 25 years old and Andreina is 26. Daniel is a business men and Andreina an architect. 

We met in 2011. Andreina was finishing her last year of high school, and Daniel was a junior. It was through a common friend an a sad story that we met each other. Daniel and our common friend had a car accident, which is not worth remembering. After a couple of encounters at school we starting texting and going to many dates. It was June 12th when Daniel asked andreina to be his girlfriend.


After 8 years together, we have enjoyed every step of this journey, and now we are ready for our next adventure that will write our forever. 


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